Understanding Medicare

Senior Benefits NJ is our Medicare Insurance Division. We help 1000’s of Seniors and Boomers save money & find peace of mind.


Over 60% of Seniors grossly overpay for their Medicare Supplement & Prescription Drug Plans. Medicare continues to be confusing and hard to understand.

We Eliminate Confusion

The best way to eliminate the confusion with all the annual changes to Medicare Plans is by communicating with clarity and helping our clients understand how these changes can affect them. Whether you have a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, we will provide you with all the services that you need to make the right plan choices. We answer your questions with clarity.

You never pay for our services and you never pay extra in premium by working with us.

Our goal at Senior Benefits NJ is to provide you with a complete analysis to find ways to keep money in your pocket without sacrificing the quality of benefits that you deserve.

We will conduct an annual review of your benefits to assure that you continue to have access to the best plan options.

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    The BIGGEST MISTAKES THAT WE SEE Medicare Members make:

    • Not analyzing your Prescription Drug Plan annually during Annual Enrollment Period between October 15th-December 7th
    • Not analyzing the differences between Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans.
    • Loyalty to an insurance company
    • Listening to family & friends
    • Not working with an experienced Independent Broker who can present you with all plan options in your area and present them with no objectivity.


    These secondary plans fill in the “ Gaps”in coverage that Original Medicare does not pay for such as deductibles and coinsurances. Many different plan options are available to cover these extra expenses such as deductible and coinsurances.
    Features of Medicare Supplement Plans include:

    • Medicare pays for 80% of your Part B Medical coverage. You are responsible to pay for the remaining 20%. Medicare Supplements cover the 20%, and also the Part A Hospital Deductible.
    • Monthly premiums
    • Option to go to any Doctor, any hospital or any facility anywhere in the country as long as they accept Medicare. No network restrictions.
    • No referrals
    • Do not include prescription drug coverage.
    • All plans are standardized by the federal government.
    Medicare Supplemental


    Medicare Advantage
    • Is referred to as Medicare Part C. Advantage Plans cover Part A (Hospital), Part B (Medical) and often Part D (Prescription Drugs) all under one plan.
    • Administered by private insurance companies.
    • Many are HMO’s which require using Network Doctors and Providers.
    • PPO’s allow members to use Network and Non Network Doctors ( as long as they agree to accept the plan). Copays are usually less if using the Network Providers.
    • Many are ZERO PREMIUM but require copays or coinsurances for services provided.
    • Many offer additional benefits not covered by Original Medicare such as routine vision, hearing, routine dental, fitness center memberships.
    • Plans are subject to change annually making it important to review your coverage during Annual Enrollment Period.


    • Administered by private insurance companies.
    • Monthly premiums
    • Annual Deductible, different levels of copays and coinsurance according to type of drug. Generics costing less.
    • Plans often change annually making it in your best interest to review your plan coverage during the Annual Enrollment Period. This can save you $100’s-$1000’s of $$$$$$$$$.

    Senior Benefits provide our clients with a complimentary annual review of your Part D plans providing you with a complete cost analysis showing you what to expect the following year.

    Prescription Drug Plan